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Hire a credentialed architect to design a new structure or remodel an existing house

Hire a professional Cape Cod architect or designer to create a floor plan for your new house, home addition or major remodeling project. The architect will discuss your project with you and create design plans from your specifications. The architect may offer to supervise and monitor the construction from start to finish. Fill out the form below to contact our professional, licensed architect about your Cape Cod construction project.

Credentialed architect to design structure or remodel.

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Whole house remodel
Addition attached to home
Addition not attached to home
Kitchen or bath addition or remodel
New home

Please select your specific architectural needs.
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Evaluate proposed project to determine feasibility and approximate cost
Prepare schematic and preliminary design drawings
Prepare construction documents (plans and specifications)
Assist with selection of general contractor
Supervise construction to completion
Conduct final inspections
Would like recommendation

What is the approximate total budget for the job (including both architect fees and construction)?
Over $1,000,000

What level of craftsmanship and materials do you expect?
Good - I want a balance between quality and price
Moderate - timing and/or price are more important to me
High End - I prefer the highest quality craftsmanship and materials

Please check all of the characteristics that apply to your building site.
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Busy road
Existing building(s) to be removed
Have found/own lot
Need to find lot

Do you have any special requests or requirements?
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Metal stud framing
Alternative or sustainable materials are preferred
Need design to accommodate person with disabilities
Building site has zoning issues or problems
Building site has environment impact issues
Building site has Design Review committee or Historical restrictions
Building should blend in with environment and/or be considered long-life structure
Would like recommendations from professional architect

Would you be willing to work with an architect who does not reside in the Cape Cod area?

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